How I’m using writing to learn better.

There’s a lot of fear in the world right now. Whether it’s always been there, or it’s amplified thanks to the internet, it’s making a lot of people uncomfortable. And some of that fear is real. Jobs are disappearing and becoming automated. Many people are finding themselves without the skills needed for a comfortable life.

At the same time, there’s a lot of optimism in the world right now. There is a staggering amount of information available on the internet. There are more remote tools and jobs. Communities of like-minded individuals are easy to find. Independent and driven people who love to learn have all they need now to thrive.

But how many of us know how to learn?

Getting better at learning is important to me. It’s not all that easy. It requires courage, concerted effort, consistency, and tolerance. Few people are naturals at it. It’s a good thing then that I’m not the first person interested in this topic. There is a lot of information already available. And it’s increasing as we discover more about how the brain works.

One effective way to learn is writing. Writing requires you to organize information and present it to others. It should be clear enough that somebody else can understand it. This process deepens your grasp of a topic and helps you see where your understanding is still hazy. I’m not a good judge at determining how clear my writing is. I hope there will be people kind enough to engage and tell me if it’s unclear. Although the act of writing itself is beneficial even without the feedback. But please do give feedback.

Moving forward, I will explore the topics of learning and personal development. Particularly, as it applies to my efforts to change and grow. I’d like to engage with individuals on similar journeys. Different perspectives and ideas on learning will help me continue improving my process. I also hope that in some form or other, my journey is useful to other people. I want to arm other people with the tools they need to also begin to change. The future needs as many capable people as possible.

If anyone else is going through a similar process, I’d love to connect and compare notes. Please do get in touch!

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